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Covid-19 Support for Carers

Derbyshire Carers Association have released guidance on what to do if you are a carer or you are concerned about a carer during the Covid-19 crisis. Please see the poster below for more information.

Are you a carer?

A carer is someone who cares, unpaid for a friend or family member who is dependent on you due to an illness, disability, mental health problem/s or addiction. Often people do not realise they are a carer.

If you are a carer, you have rights to financial help. This includes;

A carer’s allowance

This is the main state benefit for carers. You have to care for someone over 35 hours per week to be eligible for this, and you may not be eligible if you earn over £64.40 in other benefits.

Carer’s credit

This is a national insurance contribution. It ensures you still get social benefits e.g. a state pension even though there are gaps in your NI records. You can be eligible for this if you care for over 20 hours a week and don’t receive a carer’s allowance.

A carer’s personal budget

This is an amount of money paid directly to you to support you in your caring role. A carer personal budget can be approved in a carer’s assessment (see info below), if a carer is over 18 and eligible by national standards. It is issued by Derbyshire Carers Association, for more information visit the Carers in Derbyshire website.

For more information on financial support for carers visit the GOV.uk website or you can use the benefits calculator on the GOV.uk website, to find out what benefits you are eligible for.

It is important to note that it doesn’t mean you are not a carer just because you aren’t eligible for financial support.

As a carer you have the right to receive a carer’s assessment.

How can I get an assessment?

To get a carer assessment you can call Derbyshire Carers Association on 01773 833833, they carry out the assessment on behalf of Derbyshire County Council Or you can complete the Carers Emergency Form Card online; through this you can arrange emergency plans as well as arranging a carer’s assessment.

What to expect…

Someone from the Derbyshire Carers Association will arrange to meet with you; they will ask you how you are coping with caring. This includes your mental and physical health, as well as your relationships, work and free time.

The assessments usually take place face to face and last around an hour, however sometimes they are carried out over the phone or online.

For more information on carer’s assessments, please click here.

What if I don’t qualify?

If you do not qualify your council should give you advice on where to get support in your community. (There is also information on this below).

If you disagree with the result of your assessment or how it was conducted, Derbyshire County Council advices you to speak to your assessor.

Other support for carers

Please see the posters below for information on support that is available to you in the local area.

Derbyshire Carers Association
Derbyshire Young Carers Project
Caring for Carers

Derbyshire Care Services Directory

The Care Services Directory gives useful information on paying for care, types of care and information for carers in Derbyshire.

To view the directory please click on the link below;

Derbyshire Care Services Directory

Carers UK

A national organisation that provides advice and information, connects carers and innovates to find new ways to reach and support carers.

They have a helpline on 0808 808 7777.

Or you can visit the Carers UK website to find advice and information.

Derbyshire Carers Association

DCA works in partnership with Derbyshire County Council. They offer various forms of support for adult carers including; information and advice, carer’s assessments and peer support/ carer support groups.

To find out what other services they offer visit the Derbyshire Carers Association website or give them a call on 01773 833833.

A list of local support groups for Erewash can be found on the Derbyshire Carers website.

Carers Trust East Midlands

Carers Trust East Midlands offer a Nottinghamshire Carers Hub which offers personalised information and support along with free training etc. and carers respite services.

You can visit the Carers Trust website for more information or call Carers Trust on 0115 9628920.

Carers in Derbyshire

Carers in Derbyshire offer lots of useful information on their website e.g. information on carers rights. Including a carer’s directory which list organisations that can help and support you e.g. respite services.

They also have a crisis page which will direct you to a list of emergency numbers.

Visit the Carers in Derbyshire website or contact them on their online form.

Carers Coffee Mornings

This is a place for unpaid carers to get together and have a coffee and a chat, this has been a very successful event with some carers who attend being in regular contact now.

When? Every last Thursday of the month at 10am till 11.30am

Where? Littlewick Medical Centre, the Seminar Room.

Open to all not just patients of Littlewick, Derbyshire Carers Association attend all of the coffee mornings so are available for any questions or advice.

ACE Action 4 Carers Erewash

Support group for carers to offer mutual support and experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

Where? Outlook Day Centre, Briar Gate, Long Eaton, NG10 4BQ.

When? Contact George Harvey for details.

Contact George Harvey on 0115 972 6986 for details of the next meeting.

Carers Do Lunch

Carers and cared for are all welcome for a monthly lunch!

When? Every third Tuesday of the month, 10.30am-1.00pm

Where? The Sir John Warren Pub in Ilkeston (Market Place, Ilkeston, DE7 5QB).

Contact head office on 01773 743355 for more information.

Long Eaton Mental Health Carers Support Group

“New members are warmly welcomed.”

Please see the poster below for more information on this self-help group…

Long Eaton Mental Health Carers Support Group

Young carers

A child carer is any child, no matter what background, that cares for a family member or guardian e.g. their mother. They might be the sole carer for that person or they may just help out, but they do not class themselves as a carer. It is estimated that there are 700,000 young carers in the UK, with the average age of a young carer being 11.

Young Carer Aware Poster

If this sounds like you, please find the support services below.

NHS Article

This NHS article gives advice on what to do if you’re a young carer.

Carers Trust

Carers Trust have put together a young carer’s guide that can be accessed on their website. It includes information on the different carer’s assessments for young carers, your rights as a young carer and where to get information and support. Learn more about Carers Trust on their website.

Derbyshire Young Carers Service

This service is part of Derbyshire Carers Association.

It offers an assessment so they can appropriately meet the needs of each young carer. They offer support such as; one to one support, information/ support, activities and peer support.

Visit the Derbyshire Young Carers Service website, where it gives more information on how to refer yourself, a family member or a friend to the service.

Carers in Derbyshire

Carers in Derbyshire have a young carer service where you can get advice and find out what support is available to you. They have information on the Derbyshire young carers steering group and share stories from other young carers. Visit the Carers in Derbyshire website for more information.


ChildLine have a page which gives advice to young carers on what they can do i.e. telling school, contacting local social services etc. You can find this information on the ChildLine website.

Or you can call the ChildLine helpline on 0800 1111 if you need urgent support.

Breaks for carers

Carer’s breaks are intended so that you can focus on your own health and wellbeing for a while. It can help you cope with other responsibilities that you might have such as shopping and housework. It could also be regular replacement overnight care so that you can catch up on sleep.

Breaks could be provided in the form of a sitting service, befriending scheme, homecare agency, live in help or even employing another carer. Your friends and family could also help you when you need a break.

This NHS webpage gives you further information on carer’s breaks and rest bite care.

Carers Trust East Midlands

This service offers flexible respite options, offering support in emergencies or for one off occasions.

Please visit the Carers Trust website for more information on this or call 0115 824 8824, or can email them on hub@carerstrustem.org